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Creating something informative and visually interesting #hhhrbi

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After spending the morning running before we could walk the team I’m in, Mike Beardmore, Dominic Clay, Matt Holmes and I  have discussed putting together something simple.

Matt had used C (sharp) to pull out all the #uksnow tweets and we plan to create a mash-up map using the Highways Agency RSS feed to build a regularly updated map.

The first process was removing all the non-post code tweets.

Mike has also suggested mashing the #uksnow with a re-written scrape on Scraperwiki with details of Harvester restaurants in the UK.

However, we had an issue with the Twitter as too much information was coming in at once. It’s snowing and #uksnow is a popular hashtag and the API couldn’t deal with it.

Mike  took Twitter feed for #UK with the post code, extracted the postcode, took the Scraperwiki feed of Harvesters and extracted the post code from those, and created a datafile formatted as XML so it would show up on Google maps.

The plan is for a pointer showing the location of a restaurant in the snow, a snow hole, providing warmth.

Mike has managed to get it to work on his own because he’s very capable with the code and produced a map showing areas where heavy snow is reported and the location of the Harvester restaurants nearby.

The potential future for this map would be to show a wide variety of restaurants, service areas and places offering shelter to people who find themselves trapped by snow while travelling.