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Information is Beautiful – David McCandless #iweu live blog

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Billion Dollar-o-gram


Billion Dollar-o-gram

The Billion Dollar-o-gram from Information is Beautiful by David McCandles



Visualising the massive numbers after scraping data from New York Times and Guardian.

Different colours for different uses of vast amounts of cash.

GIves perspective and shows relationships between spending.

US gives more money than UK

Opec gives a tiny proportion to environment

Money spent on deficit could more than wipe out serious diseases like AIDs.

Relate the money spent on daily items with the tax paid per days.

Shows the break up times Facebook created.

Pure example of data journalism. Saturated by data journalism. Ask the right question it will reveal itself.

Data is the new oil.

Data is the new soil, it’s a creative medium and we create flowers

Mountains out of molehill visualisation showing swine flu, killer wasps, using Google insights to track trends.

Hidden patterns, shows the line for video games. Peaks at the same time of year. November big month for buying.

April is a big month for computer game fear as Colombine anniversary. It’s co-dependent.

Data is a prism to correct vision.

USA military budget bigger than the African debt and UK budget deficit. Can fit all the other top 10s.

Budget as proportion, largest is Myanmar and US is seventh.

Big spenders Jordan, Georgia, Saudi, Kyrgystan, Burundi, Oman…

China has the biggest army. Huge population.

Adjusted biggest army in terms of percentage and the top five are North Korea, Eritrea, Israel, Djibouti, Iraq.

USA 45th. China is 124th.

Visual CV. Journalism images create the story.

Design literacy and language, Looking for patterns and visual relief.

Speak two languages, data and visual.


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