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Heather Brooke at The web data revolution #iweu live blog

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As questions became more complex, the only way questions could be answered was through data.

First issue was with police not showing up when called 999. Wondered how often they didn’t turn up

Didn’t get an answer. Formed basis for Your Right to Know,

Want people to stop being deferential, but get the data before making a decision.

Made 52 FOI requests into response times to 999 calls.

Lots of data coming back as spread sheet, complex with 999 calls divided into priorities. Sometimes say how many incidents there were and how responded at the time.

Found inaccurate even if had the facts at all.

Deferential conclusion, if meant to be responded to in 10 minutes, wasn’t kept track. Assumed it had been successful.

Kept coming across attitude public can’t be trusted with the raw data.

Thought Parliament ought to uphold laws. Found stonewalling of expenses requests frustrated.

If MPs won’t disclose, why should councils or hospitals. Taking hold as a symbol.

AK – How MPs get around?

HB – In Silent State, data collected in the name of the public collected but public can’t use it.

Who working for? The public. Seeing a change in attitude. They work for us and have to give out this data.


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