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Getting out of the newsroom

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When I started my first professional job as a newly qualified journalist, leaving the newsroom during the working day was unheard of. We were expected to write and call, after all, how can a journalist produce copy if they’re not sitting at their desk.

I recalled my desk-bound start in journalism when I saw the 10,00 Words blog post Get out of the newsroom and into the community. It’s great to read Mark S. Luckie write about how the California Watch team are going out into the community for a day to meet their readers.

Why restrict it to one day though? Making new contacts by going out and meeting people is something journalists ought to do on a regular if not weekly basis.

In some ways I was fortunate to live far from friends and family during my junior reporter days. This meant I had nothing better to do of an evening then turn up to the opening of an envelope, or attend numerous council meetings.

The best piece of advice I ever received while on work experience was “know your patch”, and getting out helped me fulfill that.


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  1. Hi Sarah, Sorry – I can’t agree on this one. It used to be the best way to get stories, but not any more. You can do so much better using the web and social media sites these days. You’ve just prompted me to blog about this.



    Comment by Nick — 27/01/2010 @ 9:43 am | Reply

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